Accessibility Information

Variety of seating: office chairs, sofas, bean bags. Differing heights, some with arms, some without. Sizes to fit all body types.

Variety of sizes and heights of tables and desks. Includes tables/desks accessible for people with mobility aids.

Ability to mix seating and tables/desks to create personal seating plans.

Level, stable, firm, concrete flooring, accessible to mobility devices.

1st floor is not accessible through the front door because of stairs but there is a ramp with an 8% grade accessible through the garage door.

2nd floor is not accessible to people with mobility aids and/or those unable to climb stairs.

Ability to maneuver a mobility device on both levels of the building. (This can be affected by how individual hosts set up the seating.)

Two all gender washrooms on the first floor. The largest door width is 750mm. Neither washroom is currently accessible to people with mobility aids but work is being done to make one more accessible.

Lighting is fluorescent.

Building is made of concrete which can affect the sound. The second floor has less bouncing of sound.

Guide and service dogs are welcome.

Handrails for stairs on all main routes.

Ability to have quiet space or low stimulation space upstairs.

Please ask about any accessibility needs and/or concerns, our staff have made a conscious effort to be aware of accessibility facilitators and barriers within our venue.

ATM available with operating headphone jack and voice commands for people who are partially sighted or blind.

Free wifi.